How Frequent Traveler Dave Brought Alcohol On-Board a Cruise to Cancun, Mexico

The sun was shining, my bags were packed, and my Hawaiian vacation shirt was on. In a few hours I would be unwinding in the sun, on my way to Cancun with my beautiful girlfriend. This was my first vacation in months, as well as my first cruise. I had high expectations of perfection. As I excitedly made my last minute preparations, a scary thought popped into my head: the cost of booze on board. I don’t like to drink a lot, but it’s not much of a vacation without letting loose a little. Without a stiff drink, how else would I get through The Piano Man, the Billy Joel cover band?

The Reason Why I Did it

Tainted memories raced through my mind: a seven dollar beer at the baseball game last month, the ten dollar jack and coke at my last concert, or even the eleven dollar mimosa for brunch in Yellowstone last year. This isn’t including the tips I felt obligated to give. Surely, the prices on this glorified boat  would be steep. This time would be different, I was going to outsmart those swindlers. I would simply bring my own regularly priced booze, but how? A quick google search proved that cruise security is as serious as the TSA.

The Dreaded Scan

They would scan both me and my luggage before allowing me on board. Certainly I would need to bring something with a high alcohol content; it had to be hard liquor. Drinks like vodka, gin, tequila, and some rums are clear enough to be put into a water bottle once I was on board. I still needed a way to get it past security though. As I paced my living room pondering my options, an epiphany struck me! All I needed was several mall, travel containers. Every guest brings shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, etc. A scan of my bag wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the those household items and my secret stash. After a quick errand run, I scattered my little plastic bottles of rum throughout all of our bags. A couple in each bag and security wouldn’t raise an eye brow.

When I finally got to the cruise ship, I knew that confidence was key. I handed away my luggage with a smile. Despite my insides being distressed and fearful, I managed to greet security with a false sense of calm and casual. In no time I was reacquainted with my baggage, but more importantly, I could start to drink.

Things you should do before go for travelling

Take Care of Orders and Advance Payments

suitcase-160345_640Once travelling is booked, you are supposed to look into placing “stop” instructions on any frequently occurring services. These may comprise postal mail, newspapers, housecleaners and certain the like. If you want exacting and particular services to continue as landscaping, believe in paying in proceeding if this is not the usual arrangement.

Many repair suppliers permit to place discontinue or end orders online; this is mainly the case for mail delivery and most newspapers. As most stop orders necessitate one or two business days and precede notice, make sure take care of this at slightest three days before you travel.


Manage Your Cash Flow

If you are going for traveling locally, be sure to strike your bank earlier than leaving for a trip, that way you arrive will not be short on cash, and you might instantly explore for a machine of ATM.

Moreover, you will save on ATM fees at machinery run by someone other than one’s bank, and can be excessive if you are enforced to use airport or expediency store machines. Go to your bank’s website and map out any available ATM locations close to your destination so you are not required to use other banks’ machines.

Local Entertainment Lists to visit

Most cities and even medium-sized urban cities have some weekly entertainment rib, such as Rides on streets, carnivals, concertswomen-478133_640 or even the Ticket entertainment.

These are outstanding sources for entertainment listings, reviews, city “best-of” lists and more. It is the most excellent way to make sure these from home, as you can then purchase advance tickets where and required, make eating places reservations, etc.

Get Healthy

Obtain appropriate medical recommendation before you go on a trip visit the Department of Health for all the latest updates. A local doctor will be capable of helping you with vaccination recommendation for the particular countries you are willing visiting. Make sure you take steps well in press towards travelling. Many vaccinations require repeat doses and take the time to take effect.

 Purchase quality camera

There is nothing poorer than regret. Especially when it comes to quality of picture and never buy the most expensive thing seen on the shelf, just make sure to have a camera that can take incredible photos.

Suggestion, if you don’t want to divide out the money or the time to buy a full camera, everywhere on a trip, takes a look at the canons cameras. It’s light in weight takes gorgeous photos.

Make certain in luggage allowances

  • Over-packing and being wedged at the check in desk with baggage that they are heavy can begin a holiday off on the wrong foot.
  • In this situation scatter some of the weight by putting it in your hand luggage or pay extra.
  • So before going on a trip, weight luggage so buy a digital luggage scales for just a few pounds.
  • So while packing luggage and want to take extra luggage, pre-book it in online in advance. All airlines have different policy system.